Ajay Devgn visits Mahalaxmi Temple in Maharashtra

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By Bollywood.com News Network

Actors have often been found to be quite religious as their passion to work hard at playing roles and acting for films, advertisements, etc. and a whole lot of temples often find these celebrities walking in to make an offering or for prayer.

From Amitabh Bachchan to Rishi Kapoor to others, Ajay Devgn seems to be just as devoted as he was seen in the Mahalaxmi Temple of Kolhapur whilst on an apparent personal visit to the area.

The Mahalaxmi Temple in Kolhapur, Maharashtra is stated as one of the Shakti Peethas of Hinduism in India as mentioned in various puranas in Hinduism. Shakti Peetha is a place of existence for Shakti, the goddess of strength and of power.

The actor is said to have a hectic schedule with quite a lineup of movies to do and to complete in the recent future like Milan Luthria’s Badshaho. Also, his production for Shivaay is scheduled to start soon.

The actor, however, chose to source out some time for prayer and devotion. A firm believer in prayer, he kept aside his tasks from an extremely crucial schedule to pay respect and show his love for the goddess and his religion, in general. He even took a picture with a few pundits from the temple with the idol of goddess Shakti in the background.

Seems like the actor is kicking off Navratri with worship and keeping with the festivity!