Ajay Devgn: Nysa isn't interested in acting right now..

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New Delhi, Aug. 25 -- The release of Ajay Devgn's new film is just round the corner, and the Bollywood veteran with a 26-year A-list career still feels a twinge of anxiety. For that same reason, making a new film is kinda thrilling. It's the slight uncertainty.
"Doing [a new] film excites you, because you don't know whether you'll be able to pull it off," says Ajay. "It's always there on the first day... you wonder if you'll be able to get the character right. The first day you get it right, that's when it becomes smooth. A little bit of nervousness is there and that's good; it shouldn't go. If that goes, you become over-confident."
In the upcoming release, Baadshaho, the actor teams up again with Milan Luthria, with whom he has done a few films earlier. 
About their partnership, Ajay says, "I have a great rapport with him. [Milan's] mindset is exactly the way I think. So, there was a story [of] an incident in Rajasthan - true or not, we don't know - but we wove a story around it that's very interesting."
Will his daughter Nysa, 14, take after her actor parents, dad Ajay and mother Kajol, and join Bollywood? 
"She is too young. Right now she is abroad, studying. But her career is her choice; we can only guide her," says the actor. "Right now, she's not in the mood to join the industry, [and] wants to study. So I'm happy with that. Tomorrow, if she changes her mind, I won't be able to stop her... and I will not stop her."