Ajay Devgn: Let your work do the talking!

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New Delhi, July 30 -- Many in the Hindi film industry lay a lot of importance on 'staying in news', even if it means for reasons beyond films, or by indulging in marketing gimmickry. But not Ajay Devgn, for one.

In many ways, he is the unconventional actor who feels that promoting himself or staying in news is not his job, and he also doesn't give diplomatic answers.

"I don't like to market myself. I feel that it's not my job to market myself. My job is to work and just be there to speak the truth. I am not that kind of person," says the two-time National Award winning actor.

So while many may feel that it is important for actors to project themselves a certain way or maintain an image, he doesn't. "Well, whatever it is, it is just not me. I'd rather let my work do the talking. You be honest to your work, sit back, and let the work speak. I'd rather stay away from the unnecessary limelight," says the 46-year-old, who has been successful in keeping a low profile.

But when one is in the limelight, it is not easy to completely avoid unpleasant stories.

However, Ajay doesn't let that affect him. "Sometimes you just laugh at these stories when you read them. I don't get disgusted, because that's part and parcel of my job. Earlier I may have, but not anymore. It doesn't affect me at all," says the actor, who'll be seen in a commercial thriller alongside actor Tabu.

"I'd been getting a lot of scripts offering intense roles, but there is always that insecurity - you wonder if it'll work. But, this will go beyond the box office. And that the audience has started demanding content-driven cinema is only going to help us," he says.

And without pretending to give gyaan, he says, "Some do films for money and some for creative satisfaction, but we all wish that creative satisfaction will get us the money too. The harder you work, the more people you wish would watch your work."