Ajay Devgn: I won't do an adult comedy

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New Delhi, Oct. 23 -- You see excitement writ large on Ajay Devgn's face when you sit down for a chat with him about Golmaal Again, the fourth installment in the hit comedy franchise. 
The actor, who is known as much for his intense on-screen characters, as he is for his humourous roles, says he gives a nod to a film only if it appeals to the young generation.
But mention how he had dabbled in adult-humour in his 2011 film Rascals, and he is quick to point out, "That was the only mistake (I made), and I learnt from it. That had some double-meaning dialogues, and the kind of response I got for it, from the audience was, 'We don't expect this from you, because after Golmaal and Singham, kids go to watch your films'. That's when I decided I will not do something which you can't watch with your family. I have kids (Daughter Nysa and son Yug) at home, so I don't want to do any films which I can't watch with them."
Asked why he agreed to do yet another installment of Golmaal, he says, "It's a brand which people love. You can only make a franchise work when the characters in the film work big-time. The audiences love the Golmaal characters - they know that Johnny Lever will forget, Tusshar [Kapoor] will not speak, I will break fingers - everyone, especially the kids love it. But when you re-work a script, everything changes and it excites you again."
The 48-year old adds that the only reason the latest installment happened was because people incessantly asked him for it! "Ever since the last Golmaal film released (in 2010), fans had kept asking 'What's next? Bring something again'," he shares.
While everyone loves to watch Ajay in his larger-than-life action and comedy flicks, he says he isn't particularly fond of any genre. "An actor is not supposed to enjoy roles in any particular genre. It's a difficult question (for anyone in this profession) to answer," he says.