Aftab Shivdasani's fan is his co-star!

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New Delhi, Aug. 23 -- Actor Shraddha Das, who will be seen in the third installment of the Masti franchise, can't stop talking about her co-star, actor Aftab Shivdasani.

According to a source, "While growing up, Shraddha had a crush on Aftab after she saw him in Mast (1999). So, when she was offered the current film and was told that she will be paired alongside Aftab, she was pretty kicked," says a source.

When contacted, Shraddha, who has replaced actor Kainaat Arora in the film, says that although she was nervous initially, a courteous Aftab made her comfortable.

"Aftab is very professional and has amazing comic timing. And he wasn't intimidating at all. I was nervous only on the first day, as I had seen him in Mast during school, and like every other girl, I too thought he was cute! I guess, he sensed that I was a little nervous, so he chatted up and helped me in my scenes. It became quite fun to work with him," she says. "For a scene, I was supposed to hit him, but I was finding it difficult to do so. He laughed and said it was ok, and it was just a scene," she adds.