Direction on Aditya's mind!

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Mumbai, Oct. 8 -- Most young stars these days are trying to explore options beyond acting. While some are getting into production, others are taking up singing. Aditya Roy Kapur admits he's intrigued by the process of film-making and wants to learn the craft, but says he isn't in any hurry to go behind the camera.

Is he considering production, now that his peers are slowly getting into it? "Do I need to explore because everyone's doing it? No, I don't," says Aditya, adding that, "I don't think I have the mind for it or the inclination, but it's a good thing to learn."

Aditya adds that direction is something he always wanted to attempt, but the more films he does, the more he realises how difficult that job is. He says, "It comes with tremendous pressure, and needs lot of management skill. And, there's a lot that has nothing to do with actual direction. So, it will be a while before I pick up these things. There are different aspects of filmmaking that I need to learn along the way."

The actor adds that he doesn't have the "burning desire" to direct right now because he's too involved with his job in front of the camera. He says, "I am caught up with myself, and the pursuit of trying to be better at acting. I don't want to try too many things right now, and muddle myself."