Colour Riot!

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Mumbai, March 16 -- Holi is tomorrow (March 17), and to get you into the mood for the fun occasion, we asked some Bollywood actors to share their most amusing memories of the festival. This is what they had to say:

Bollywood actors share their craziest and funniest memories of Holi

Richa Chadda By mistake, I ate a bhang ka laddoo that was given to me by my theatre buddies; then I got really high and took a shower for three hours.    

Lisa Haydon This was a long time ago. I was stained with different colours after playing Holi and had to shoot for a brand campaign after that. I came in with a pink splash on my face and a green hairline and they yelled at me.    They were like, 'Lisa, what have you done?' Luckily, it was a five-day shoot, so I went back home, took a shower, tried to get the colour off me and then came back the next day. That was a mad one.    

Jacqueline Fernandez It was my first Holi ever, so I had no idea what was going on or what to expect. All I knew was that I had to get as much colour on myself as possible. I didn't know it was about putting colour on other people.    

Vaani Kapoor As kids, we would fill the pool in our house with water and throw in loads of colour. Then everyone who came to celebrate Holi at our place was tossed in it. My mom used to inject alcohol in fruits and serve them to the people who planned on playing it safe.    

Aditya Roy Kapur I managed to get permanent colour on me a day before a shoot.    Since I was a VJ back then, the next day I conducted an interview with Holi colour all over my face. No amount of make-up could save me.    

Tusshar Kapoor When I was 13, I had thandai for the first time. Some kids from the adjacent building made it and I had it by mistake.    The experience was adventurous and scary, as well as exciting. I obviously didn't tell my parents what had happened when I went back home.