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Bollywood: Winter Woes!

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Mumbai, Dec. 3 -- Bollywood film-makers might love setting movies in Kashmir, but shooting in the valley also comes with its own set of challenges; more so for film-makers and actors who shoot there in the month of December.

Aditya Roy Kapur's next, which is being directed by Abhishek Kapoor, is one such project. The last few weeks of their ongoing shooting schedule have proved to be quite tough for the cast and crew. Not only are the weather conditions not conducive, but the daylight hours, too, due to the winter, are limited. So, to make the most of whatever time they have, the team, including Aditya, has been reporting to the sets as early as 5 am.

"To reach the set on time, Aditya and the team have been waking up at 3.30 am as the shooting location is about half an hour away from their hotel in Srinagar," says a source, adding, "They shoot for as long as they can, and as a result, sometimes they don't even end up taking breaks in the middle."

The film's schedule that started in mid-November will continue till the end of this week. "Once the Kashmir schedule is over, they will come back to the city. Then in January, they will return to Kashmir for the next schedule," adds the source.

Despite repeated attempts, Aditya remained unavailable for a comment, but his spokesperson confirmed the news.