Aditya Roy Kapoor's styling tricks..

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New Delhi, Dec. 24 -- Actor Aditya Roy Kapoor is one of the very few actors who don't believe in hiring a personal stylist. While the actor is known for his simplistic style of dressing, the 29-year-old takes it on himself to decide his look based on the occasion.

"The current trend in the industry is that every actor has one or more than one personal stylists who help them for their daily styling, as well as for personal occasions and events.

But Aditya thinks otherwise. The actor likes to style himself for the various events he attends, as well as all the other appearances and photo ops," says a source close to the actor.

The way you dress speaks a lot about you, and this is one of the prime reasons for the Aashiqui 2 actor to decide his look on his own. He feels that he is able to express himself better this way. "Aditya is known to have a style of his own. Like his personality, he likes to keep it comfortable, simple and casual. He feels that dressing up and styling excessively takes the focus away from what is important," added the source.