Aditi goes back to school!

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Mumbai, June 22 -- Aditi Rao Hydari is all set to play a deaf and mute character in an upcoming film that is being directed by Subhash Kapoor.

For a while now, she has been busy preparing for the part. In a bid to understand it better, she recently visited a school for deaf and mute children in the city.

A source says, "She spent a lot of time with the students there, and learnt how they communicate using sign language. She also observed their body language. She felt the visit would help her do justice to the part." For a few sequences in the film, Aditi keenly watched how those with hearing impairments learnt to dance.

"They imitate the moves, and they do it with a lot of grace even with no music," adds the source.

Aditi took the liberty to listen to a song that she will be seen dancing to only once. Post that, she made sure all the rehearsals took place without any music. When contacted, Aditi said, "My touch, sight and instincts became enhanced and sensitive while preparing for my part... It was an amazing experience."