Models have it easier now: Aditi Gowitrikar

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New Delhi, Aug. 16 -- Model-turned actor Aditi Gowitrikar says that things have become a lot easier for aspiring models nowadays.

"The struggle for aspiring models now has become a lot lesser than earlier. Now there are so many shows happening, so there is a lot of work for so many people. Now, there are more opportunities to get noticed," says Aditi, who won the title of Mrs World in 2001, and later acted in films such as Paheli (2005) and Bheja Fry 2 (2011).

Giving a piece of advise to youngsters, the 41-year-old says, "They must remember that sometimes, despite talent, t, things don't click. That can lead to frustration. But they should never give up."

Reminiscing her early days,s, Aditi says, "During my time there were few models. So, the same people would appear in every show. As time went by, only a 2-3 familiar faces were left. That's why we bonded and had healthy competition."

Besides being an actor and a model, Aditi is also a gynaecologist, and she thinks it's important for every artist to have alternate plans in life. "Have your education in place and a Plan B. Learn new skills," says Aditi, who's starring in an on-going television show.