Adhyayan Suman: 'Kangana and I have moved on..'

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Mumbai, Aug. 15 -- Adhyayan Suman was mighty upset with reports that suggested he was using his ex, Kangana Ranaut's name to promote his last movie, Heartless.

"Yes, there was a certain media organisation that wrote that, but there was no truth to it. I was angry over such callousness and told them to apologise and retract the report. They did [do so]," he says. He further adds that his last text to her was in 2010. "We have both moved on.

I am talking about her now because I am asked about that irresponsible report. We were two upcoming actors then, who were dating... we have moved on since, people should too. I have not even used my dad's (Shekhar Suman) name, why would I use someone else's? I am too egoistic for that," says Adhyayan. He also shares that he is in a happy relationship right now. "I am in a meaningful relationship with Ariana (Ayam). She is a wonderful person," he adds.

Talking about his own romantic side, he says, "I am an obsessive lover (laughs). I can go to any part of the world to spend a few moments with the person I love," says the 26-year-old, who currently has four films in his bag. Talking about them, he says, "They are all solo films and I'm working really hard on them."