I am proud of my namesake: Abhishek Sharma

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NEW DELHI, June 20 -- After the success of his film, Parmanu, guess what is keeping director Abhishek Sharma intrigued these days? 

Well, every time one searches him on the internet, they get results about the bright under-19 cricketer from Punjab who is his namesake! The director is happy to be sharing his name with someone as talented as the 17- year-old Abhishek Sharma.

More so because his next film, The Zoya Factor, based on Anuja Chauhan's book, narrates the story of a cricketer, and stars actors Sonam Kapoor and Dulquer Salmaan in lead roles. 

"Every time I hear about this same name thing, I can't help but laugh. Abhishek is a good player, who is doing well. I am proud of him. Being associated with him, given we share similar names and surname, makes me all happier. Also, my next film, The Zoya Factor, is about this ad agent and a cricketer, so I think the connection runs deep," he laughs.

Calling his name and surname together 'a deadly combination,' Abhishek jokes that he is sure that he has many namesakes in the country. 

"Our parents could have thought of more unique names rather than what we are called today. I often share a healthy laugh with my parents when I tell them that when they were deciding on what to call me, they opened the Hindi dictionary and chose the easiest name from the list."