Abhishek Kapoor in credit dispute!

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Mumbai, Nov. 1 -- The script of a long-awaited sequel to a 2008 film starring Farhan Akhtar has managed to generate controversy, with one of the writers allegedly denying the other credit.

A source from The Film Writers Association says, "Pubali Chaudhuri registered the script of the sequel and claims that it is her sole creation."

However, this has irked Abhishek Kapoor - also the director of the 2008 film - and he has filed a complaint with the association.

The source explains, "Abhishek is not denying Pubali's contribution, but he says the story was conceived and written by him. She further shaped it into a script. So, they should get equal credit. The association is checking their records and all evidence before they take a decision."

While Abhishek remained unavailable for a comment, Pubali confirmed the news, saying, "There is a dispute. I can't speak about it in public as the case is still ongoing in the association."