Abhay Deol: I can't please everyone..

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Mumbai, Aug. 24 -- On August 19, after a gap of two years (he was last seen in One By Two; 2014), Abhay Deol returned to the silver screen with the comedy Happy Bhag Jayegi.
His filmography might be limited, but with movies such as Manorama Six Feet Under (2007), Dev.D (2009) and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011), Abhay has carved a niche for himself in the industry. Here, the actor talks about being very picky, and his desire to work with his cousins, Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol.
A lot of people are considering your latest film your second innings. How do you feel about that?
Happy Bhag Jayegi isn't exactly a comeback for me. One By Two released in 2014, and Raanjhanaa, in 2013. People keep asking me what kept me away for so long. I have been looking for the right kind of project, that's all. But if people are looking at the term 'second innings' as a positive thing, then I am fine with it.
You seem to be choosy about the roles you play. In hindsight, do you think that has affected your career?
I am told that I am very picky about my films. But I am not playing the star game. I have always been, and will always be [choosy]. It gives me the luxury to do what I believe in. I choose the work I want to do. I wouldn't have it any other way. For me, it's about the kind of films I feel most connected to and what I can relate to. That is what primarily governs my choices.
Is Hollywood on the cards for you?
Even though I have lived in the US for a bit, Hollywood is not on the cards for me. I am happy for my co-stars, who are heading there. But there are so many issues in Hollywood, like racism. I don't want to fight that when I already have so many issues to deal with in India. I am happy where I am at the moment.
Why haven't we seen you in a film with the other Deols?
I would love to do a film with my brothers (Sunny and Bobby). If the right script comes along, then why not? But, to be honest, I'm scared to be featured in a film with them because they act better than I do.
Dev.D has become a cult film. Why haven't we seen you play any dark characters since then?
There hasn't been another film like that. People say that movie is their favourite one [among all my work]. Dev.D lovers expect another Dev.D, while Socha Na Tha (2005) lovers want me to do another such film. I cannot please everyone. Even though I love doing dark roles, no such characters have come my way. So, I can only hope the audience continues to enjoy whatever other work I am doing. They may not love it as much as Dev.D, but at least they will see my intentions behind doing it.