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Yo-Yo Aamir!

Boxoffice Results

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  2. INR 19.11 Cr.
  3. INR 155.65 Cr.
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  5. INR 43.95 Cr.



Mumbai, Aug. 12 -- Over the last few months, there has been a drastic change in Aamir Khan's physique. The Bollywood actor, who seems to have put on a few extra kilos, had got the industry wondering whether he was gaining the weight for a role.

But a close friend of the star tells us that, unlike what a few reports have claimed, he hasn't signed any film that requires him to play a wrestler. In fact, all that Aamir has done is quit the strict diet he was on for his last movie.

"After the release of that action film in December 2013, he decided to take a break and relax as he had been shooting continuously. And since Aamir doesn't do anything in moderation, including relaxing, he lost track of his exercise routine. As a result, for the past few months, he has not been putting in as many hours in the gym as he used to," says the friend.

However, now the actor is getting back into shape. "He still has some patchwork shots pending for an upcoming film that is being directed by Rajkumar Hirani. Since he had a lean look while he was shooting for that movie, he now needs to get back into shape to maintain continuity," adds the friend.