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PK in trouble again!

Boxoffice Results

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By Tulsi, News Network

After finally being out of the news for a while, PK is right back with more drama and controversies.

So who is it this time who has a problem with the film? Novelist Kapil Isapuri who claims that his idea and bits and portions from his book “Farishta” (2013) were stolen, and approached the court for plagiarism.

Apparently, the PK filmmakers have  “stolen the characters, expression of ideas, scenes (sequences) from the novel”.

So now, the Delhi High Court is seeking response from the makers of the film. But you’ve got to hear what the judge said! “Divine nature has given us such senses that two individuals can in fact get a same idea at the same time.”

The court also questioned the novelist what the point is of this whole thing, since the film has already been released, successfully screened all over India, and rocked the box office, and what he would do about it even if it was plagiarism.

Well, the writer wants the credit for his work, as well as Rs. one crore as punitive damage.

The counsel for the filmmakers state that the script was already registered in 2010 by the name Ghar Jaana Hai. But to that the Counsel for the novelist said that he had submitted his first manuscript of the novel to a publication house in 2009!

The court has given the filmmakers four weeks to respond.