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An Oscar nomination says nothing about a film: Aamir Khan

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Bollywood actor-producer Aamir Khan, who stays away from award functions, says an Oscar nomination provides an opportunity to a film to get more viewers. Aamir is one of the few Indian filmmakers to win an Oscar nomination for his period drama Lagaan (2001) in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

“For me, the Oscar is a window through which your audience increases... But I see it in that way only,” says Aamir, who’s currently basking in the success of Dhoom 3.

“And Oscar nomination can’t tell me whether my film is good or bad and I am not interested in that. My interest with a nomination is that it’s an opportunity for a film to get a larger audience,” he explains.

In fact films that have been sent as India’s official entry in the past years have always gathered audience’ interest. “Audience are unaware of your film, but if you manage to get nominated then there is a whole world out there who wants to see your film,” he says.

However, he depends on the audience to decide if his film is good. “I want the real feedback from the audience and not from anyone else,” he adds.