Azad: In his father's footsteps!

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Bollywood star Aamir Khan’s son, Azad, might be all of two years old, but he sure is a fast learner. Sometime ago, reports revealed that the toddler was accompanying his father Aamir to all his rehearsals and shoots while wife Kiran Rao was on vacation in the north-east.

It was around then that the actor had just returned from a secret trip to Australia, where he was apparently learning tap dancing from a professional trainer. The details of the trip, however, were kept under wraps. “Since this form of dance is extremely difficult and needs a lot of practise, Aamir made sure he regularly rehearsed at home or on the sets of his upcoming film, and since Azad was with him during that time, he used to keenly observe him,” says a source.

Now, an insider close to Aamir has revealed that thanks to all those days of watching his father practise tap dancing, Azad seems to have picked up a few steps himself.

According to the source, Aamir was amazed when he saw Azad replicating the steps so enthusiastically. “He couldn’t stop clapping when he was watching him,” adds the source.

The actor is apparently keen on giving Azad the opportunity to take this interest to the next level.

“He has decided that once he grows up a bit, he will give him the option to join a dancing school; if he’s still interested that is,” adds the source. Aamir’s spokesperson confirms the news.