Aamir's happy for Abhishek

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Mumbai, Sept. 23 -- Aamir Khan is a man of few words. So, when the star goes out of his way to praise another actor, it is considered a big deal. The latest actor he has appreciated is Abhishek Bachchan.

Aamir's praise came even before the first trailer of Abhishek's movie had released. A source close to Aamir informs us, "He loved the script that Farah (Khan; director) had written for her upcoming film, which is now being produced by Shah Rukh Khan. Of all the characters that Farah had sketched, Aamir loved Abhishek's character. Having worked with the actor just last year (in Dhoom:3), he felt that Abhishek was aptly cast for the film."

When contacted, Abhishek confirms the news, saying, "Yes, Aamir did tell me how much he loved my role, when he heard about the script of the film through his friends." He adds, "This film was supposed to be made right after Farah made Om Shanti Om (2007), but for various reasons it was delayed. I have been part of the film since then."