Aamir shops for Anushka!

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Mumbai, Dec. 9 -- Aamir Khan recently visited Benares and returned with a surprise gift for his co-star Anushka Sharma. The actor went shopping for a Benaresi sari, which is a popular drape from the city.

source says, "After working together on their upcoming film, Anushka and Aamir have become close friends. He wanted to buy something special for her, and decided to pick up a souvenir from the city."

Apparently, Aamir went through a vast range of saris, and chose three after spending over an hour in making the selection. When asked about this, Aamir confirmed the news. The actor's spokesperson added, "Benares is Aamir's mother's hometown. He always starts his promotional tours (for his films) either from Patna or Benares. He is familiar with the weavers and sari makers there."

Anushka was unavailable for a comment, but her spokesperson said, "Yes, Aamir got her a beautiful Benaresi sari. She will be wearing it at an upcoming event."