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Aamir Khan's team set to revisit Gaya

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Mumbai, Feb. 28 -- On Tuesday, February 25, Aamir Khan travelled all the way to Gaya, Bihar, to pay his tribute to the 'Mountain Man', the late Dasrath Manjhi. Manjhi had toiled for 22 years to construct a road through a mountain in the Gehlour hills so that the villagers could travel to the other settlements.    

During his visit to the village where he shot for his upcoming TV show, Aamir also met Manjhi's family. The actor is back in Mumbai now, but he wants his team to go back to Gaya and help out the family in whichever way possible.

"Aamir wants his team to visit Manjhi's house, talk to his family members in detail and ask them how he can help them. He wants the team to go there in a couple of weeks," says an insider.    

Aamir couldn't be reached for a comment, but his spokesperson confirmed the news. An insider adds that the actor is very humbled by the response that he received from the people of Gaya.

"It was a special moment for him. He was greeted by a huge crowd. Thousands of people had gathered at the venue of the press conference to just get a fleeting glimpse of Aamir," says a source.