Aamir Khan's brother finds him a script

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Mumbai, Jan. 5 -- Till date, he has moved behind the camera only once to direct Taare Zameen Par (2007). And although the film went on to be a big hit - earning both commercial and critical acclaim - Aamir Khan is yet to take up his second directorial venture.

But now, the actor has finally zeroed in on a script, largely thanks to his brother, Faisal Khan. Not many know that Aamir's younger brother reads many scripts that the star gets and also helps him in selecting projects.    

"Yes, I do have a script that I want to direct. The script that my brother Faisal found for me - because he reads scripts for me - is beautiful. I've bought the rights and kept it aside and will make it at a future date," confirms Aamir. Interestingly, the Khan brothers had heard the narration of Dhoom:3 together and the latter felt that his brother should do the film.    

Although Aamir and Faisal have finalised a script for the star's next directorial venture, the film isn't taking off anytime soon. "I'm very clear that I don't want to direct right now, because I feel that (now) I'm peaking as an actor, doing work that's exciting me and I don't want to stop that growth. I don't want to put a curb on it," says Aamir, whose first directorial project had won him a National Award.    

So, is there any truth that he will take up direction after Rajkumar Hirani's P.K.? "No, right now I'm only concentrating on my work as an actor, so I won't be doing it after P.K. It takes me 2-3 years to direct a film, which means not acting for that much time. Already my fans complain about the low frequency of my films, so I can't be directing now, but I will eventually," says Aamir.