Aamir Khan sends Mohanlal a present

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Mumbai, March 5 -- While Aamir Khan has been doing his bit to promote the second season of his TV show, he also received some help from veteran actor, Mohanlal, who became the unofficial ambassador of the hard-hitting series in parts of south India.

He came on board a few months ago and even shot for a few promos that stressed upon the need for Indians to come together and support the show in order to raise awareness and find solutions to the problems plaguing the country. The show's association with Mohanlal, who is one of the biggest superstars in the south, helped it reach out to a much larger audience.    

Aamir, who was overwhelmed by his gesture, has now presented the actor with a painting from his personal collection to thank him for the effort. A source says, "They have been friends for many years now. Since the latter recently endorsed the second series of his show in the south, Aamir was very touched. To thank him, he has presented Mohanlal with a very personal gift. He gave him a beautiful painting by Lalita Lajmi, who is Guru Dutt's sister. It is a collector's item."    

Insiders claim that this painting has adorned the walls of Aamir's house for many years and is one of his personal favourites.