Aamir Khan believes in playing a game!

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By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

Aamir is back with Sataymev Jayate and how! On his first episode of Season 3 that aired on Sunday, Aamir brought the importance of sports as an extracurricular activity in school to the table.

After doing a film like Tare Zameen Par, it is quite obvious that he understands the situation of students in India and the functioning of schools here. In a country where being a “good student” depends on his or her marks, Aamir chooses to enlighten Indians that this isn’t just the most important thing for a student’s future. He once again enforces that it is a child’s development and overall growth that is the most important. And in this episode, he claims that sports helps you in dealing with life and its situations much better, and changes your life in every way. 

Amongst some of the things he brought to light, he mentioned that youngsters today should get addicted to sports and not drugs. Now that’s shooting two big fat problems with one powerful bullet. Moreover, he believes that the indoor play trend is cutting off children and youth from the real world, and outdoor sports will help them connect with the world and themselves once again. And the youth showed tremendous support to Aamir’s point of view through social media. Aamir has indeed become an inspiration for the nation.