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Aamir hits the gym!

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Mumbai, June 9 -- From developing six-pack abs for Ghajini (2008) to going lean for Dhoom: 3 (2013), Aamir Khan has repeatedly made an extra effort to ace the look of his characters.

Now, for his next film with Rajkumar Hirani, he is supposed to maintain a lean look. However, Aamir has put on some weight during his recent break. The actor took time off from the shooting of the film, post December, during which he got involved in the making of his TV show. He then shot the show and left with his team for a holiday in Iceland.

Post his return, he was still very much involved with the post-production of the series. Aamir had earlier said in an interview that he has a fluctuating eating pattern. So either he's on some kind of diet or he's eating everything under the sun. Working on his show led him to go easy on his diet, which resulted in him putting on some weight.

A source close to Aamir tells us that he has been spotted playing squash and hitting the gym at a five- star hotel to get back in shape for the last schedule of the film. The source adds that Aamir is extremely busy with his upcoming film and is also having closed-door meetings with the director.