Aamir to go on a break?

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New Delhi, Jan. 30 -- For over a year, Aamir Khan's date diary has remained jampacked. Since 2012, he has been busy working on two films - Dhoom:3 and P.K. - and the second season of his TV show, Satyamev Jayate. Now, to unwind and take his mind off work, the actor is taking off alone, for a three-week holiday to Europe.    

A source close to Aamir reveals, "It has been a year-and-ahalf since he last went on vacation. That's why he is taking close to 20 days off this time. He had started feeling a bit overworked, and wanted to clear his mind before taking on any more work."    
Although Aamir is known to work on only one film at a time, he had bent this rule last year.

After wrapping up the shoot of Dhoom:3, he was occupied with the extensive promotions of the film. Following that, he completed a schedule of P.K. and then started work on season two of his TV show. He also co-hosted a success party for Dhoom:3 recently.

The source adds, "Aamir has not disclosed where he is going to go, but he will be in Europe. He plans to read some scripts and spend some time alone. He wants to come back refreshed as his TV show is slated to go on air around March." The actor's spokesperson confirmed his travel plans.