Bryan Adams to open ICC Cricket World Cup


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Feb. 8 -- The biggest event of the year, the ICC Cricket World Cup, is bound to get bigger, this time around. Pop icon Bryan Adams who is scheduled to tour India around the same time will perform at the opening ceremony on February 17, in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Says Sunil D'Sa, vice president marketing, Universal Music India, "Bryan Adams was always going to be part of the opening ceremony of the Cricket World Cup. The decision hadn't been confirmed because of his dates and busy schedule. Since he had other commitments, his performance hadn't fallen in place all this while. But it's finally confirmed that the Canadian singer will perform at the opening ceremony."
Though Adams is likely to perform three songs along with his band, D'Sa wasn't forthcoming on the setlist. "We would like to keep the three songs he will play as a surprise. I don't want to ruin the surprise. He knows how popular 'Summer of '69...' is in India and the rest of the subcontinent. He and his management have been very clear about not disclosing any names, but he will surely play his three most popular songs. So you know what to expect," he hints.