Boneyji and I are working on a project: Sridevi


By Hindustan Times
An ecstatic Sridevi says she never expected English Vinglish to do so well and her next film will happen soon.
Were you expecting this kind of euphoria or did English Vinglish’s box-office success come as a surprise?
I’m in seventh heaven. I wasn’t expecting this degree of success. I did the film because I loved the script and enjoyed shooting it. I knew people would enjoy watching it. I knew it would be appreciated, but not like this. I think the industry has a variety of films and I am glad audiences are open to seeing good films.
What has surprised you the most?
Everyone had positive things to say about the film, which is a very unlikely scenario. Usually, some people like a film and others don’t. Everyone has their own views. But I am surprised with the unanimous reaction.
You’ve made a successful comeback. Is the industry rushing to sign you for your next film now?
(Laughs) No. There’s no queue of filmmakers outside my door. When it happens, I will tell you.
You were away on a long hiatus. When can audiences expect to see another Sridevi film?
I definitely want to do films, but I want to do good ones. I don’t just want to be on screen. Unless a subject appeals to me, I won’t do it. There are many talented directors I want to work with, but the question is, ‘Do they want to work with me?’ Hopefully, my next film will happen very soon, don’t worry.
Will it be with your husband (Boney Kapoor)?
It’s too soon to say. Boneyji and I are working on a project. Something should be finalised soon. But I can’t say when. As for other producers, there have been talks, but nothing worth revealing as of now.
What was Boney’s reaction to English Vinglish?
He didn’t say anything. He didn’t comment at all. He just came and hugged me.
Will you be part of the much-awaited Mr India sequel?
It’s too early to talk about that. The script is isn’t finalised. The writers are still working on it... let’s see.