Boman Irani to play Suresh Kalmadi?


By Hindustan Times

After Shirin Farhad..., Bollywood actor Boman Irani is likely to portray Suresh Kalmadi in a film on Commonwealth Games. Before you jump to conclusions, the film will not be about controversies, in fact it will focus on people who ‘worked hard’ to make the Games a success, say CWG officials, reports Bombay Times.

Priya Singh Paul, who worked as Additional Director General (Communications) in the CWG Organising Committee, told the daily, “Nobody talked about the event after it was over despite its success. The people who worked behind the scenes felt neglected rather than rewarded. A group of officials in the Organising Committee came together and decided to make a movie on the Games’ success. The reason was to highlight the unsung heroes who put up the mega event.”

Paul feels that making a feature film would do justice to people who worked hard behind the scenes.

Paul was quoted by BT, “Those involved in the CWG were people who worked hard but didn’t get recognition. At least now, we have woken up and have the strength to do the movie. A year ago, we didn’t know who to speak to and get things moving, because the scams had overshadowed everything. Today, after the praise the London Olympics have been getting, we feel that the CWG was also nothing less. Writing a book or making a documentary is not enough, only a feature film can do it justice.”

According to the daily, the shooting will commence in Delhi in October. The film will also be shot in Noida, Chandigarh and Patiala.

"We’re planning to rope in prominent B-Town actors for the film, and are trying to get Boman Irani to play Suresh Kalmadi. We’ll include cameos of real sportsmen as well, and plan to release it by next year in England or in Cannes,” Paul told the paper.