Bollywood agitates over Bharat Bandh!


By Hindustan Times
As #BharatBandh trended on Twitter, Bollywood actors and filmmakers took to the micro-blogging site to vent their feelings. While most condemned the bandh as the solution, some even offered advice.
Madhur Bhandarkar @mbhandarkar268
Todays #BHARATBANDH proves that the political solution to any problem is at least as bad as the problem.
Shirish Kunder @ShirishKunder
When it's shining, it's #IndiaShining. When it's bandh, it's #BharatBandh.
Vidhu Vinod Chopra @VVCFilms
Gandhigiri is the solution to every matter! Be it Corruption or the Rising Petrol Prices!! RT If you agree! #BharatBandh
File Photo: Gul Panag
Shekhar Kapur @shekharkapur
With Re spiral downwards n Indian economy collapsing, v need politicians 2 come 2gether n take quick action. What does a Bandh solve?
Yashrajfilms @yrfmovies
#BharatBandh – Lo Lag Gayi Law & Order Ki
Gul Panag @GulPanag
Also is Mumbai Bandh happening?? I still don't know if I should head out or sleep early on account of possible work tomorrow:-0
Atul Kasbekar @atulkasbekar
Gandhiji started d concept of a 'Bandh' to cause losses to d British. Don't think whoever is in d oppn has quite understood that since 1947
Sarah-Jane Dias @sarahjanedias03
So what does #BharatBandh mean exactly?
Sophie Choudry @Sophie_Choudry
RT @ashwinmushran: Oh No! They have even shut the Economy in this #BharatBandh....Oh.....Wait! That's already Bandh!
Poonam Pandey @iPoonampandey
I doubt the #bharatbandh will affect the petrol prices but empty roads gave me good mileage & saved some money..!!