Bipasha: 'I look up to Salman Khan'


By Hindustan Times
What's keeping you busy these days?
Work. And planning how the next year is going to be (professionally). I'm also figuring out what projects to do next. Aatma will release on December 14 and I want to release my fitness DVD 10 days prior to it. So the final preparations are on for the DVD.
Were you really down with swine flu?
It was a major setback. I unkowingly walked the ramp for Arjun and Anjalee Kapoor and attended the Raaz 3 success party while I had the flu. But once the reports came in, I had to cancel a lot of work. The road to recovery was difficult. I am an energetic girl, but even after I got well (a few days ago), I'd feel fatigued. So I am trying to build up my energy. But due to the medication and then Durga Puja, I have now put on some weight.
What's new with these fitness DVDs?
They are like mini films, so they involve a lot of effort. This time, I am a little more aware unlike the first time when no one knew how to shoot a fitness DVD. Now, two of my fitness DVDs - Breakfree and Unleash - will be out back to back.
Is Singularity (her film in English also starring Neve Campbell) finally over?
Yes, my work is over. During Christmas, the makers will announce which studio will take over. Actually, Roland (director Roland Joffe) left a few days ago. He was in town for some dubbing involving the Indian artistes.
Rumours say you are trying hard to get into Salman's good books...
I don't have to try hard to be in anybody's good books. If I were that smart, I would have done it years ago. Honestly, Salman is someone with whom I maintained a distance. So, there was disconnect and as a result, people assumed there was a lot of bad blood.