Bipasha Basu: All about happiness!


By Hindustan Times
Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence. Really, think about it ... how happy are you? And what makes you happy? Everyone has a different definition of happiness. For some of us, it just means not having a bad day. Then, there are people who see happiness in terms of wealth and making money. For others, it is being popular with a large social circle. So what is the true essence of one’s happiness?
Happiness is a choice; it is one’s sole responsibility to acquire a means of happiness. The path to happiness begins with choices. The choices we choose and the decisions we make plays a major part in one’s goal for happiness. It happens all the time; people marry just for the sake of not hurting another, then ultimately, the outcome becomes unhappiness, shortly thereafter, divorce. We take on jobs that we really despise, but the money is so good, we say, so we continue to go to these jobs daily, not really giving it all we got. Then, we place the frustration on our co-workers, and then finally, we bring the frustration home, causing the home front to become off balanced, ruining everyone else’s happiness.
How do we really seek true happiness, and once we get it, how do we maintain it? Why do we allow people and things to have so much control over us to where they begin to determine our happiness? Is it because instead of dealing with our own issues, we tend to rely on others and materialistic items to determine our happiness instead of working hard to obtain it ourselves? We allow others to depend on us and take up all of our time, making it impossible to have time for ourselves. The telephone controls us, soon as it rings, we break our necks trying to receive a call from someone who is impeding on our “me time”. We need to control things instead of allowing things to control us. This is the time when we should be looking within ourselves to determine what avenues should be taken to make us have a life of true happiness. Life doesn’t happen to you, it responds to you. So let go of your fears. Enjoy higher self-esteem. Embrace fantastic relationships. Uncover the real you. And much, much more — all when you ask yourself am I happy? Does this make me happy?