Bhatts pay up for Jannat 2


By Hindustan Times
Writer Kapil Chopra, who dragged the Bhatts to court a few months ago for allegedly stealing his script, has finally got his due. The writer had claimed that the story of Jannat 2 was similar to a script he had written a year ago. He demanded that the makers not only pay him Rs. 10 lakh, but also
credit him as the film’s writer.
In the many court hearings that followed, the Bhatts defended their stand and insisted that the film’s script was an original piece of writing. However, it seems they couldn’t prove their case. A source close to the makers claims that the Bhatts have paid Kapil twice the amount he had initially asked for: “They have finally paid him Rs. 20 lakh and attributed him as the writer of the film.”
Since the court case has just been resolved and Jannat 2 was released on May 4, Kapil could not be given credit in the theatrical screenings. His name could not be added to the DVDs either, as they hit the market three weeks after the release. However, in the TV premiere that took place last Sunday, he was duly credited. The court had prohibited the Bhatts from airing the film on TV or making it available on the Internet before the matter was settled.
When contacted, Kapil says, “After a long battle for my right, I am relieved. Many fellow film writers have appreciated my efforts.”