Art meets Bollywood!


By Hindustan Times
NEW DELHI, Sept. 24 -- Bollywood has influenced almost everything in the country. People nowadays like to copy a lot of things they see on the silver screen, be it fashion, cars, or body language. So, when Payal Kapoor of Arushi Arts took this theme for her art show a decade ago, she never thought that she could work on the same theme 10 years later.
"Cinema and cricket are two things that can never be out of people's minds," says Kapoor. Art and Cinema, Take 2, which opens in the Capital today, will see 38 artists presenting their take on the changing Bollywood trends. "There are around 60 artworks that ranges from the portraits of film stars to popular characters, superheroes and the comical aspect of films," says Kapoor.
While the artworks in Take 1 were influenced by Raj Kapoor, Nargis and subtle dance moves of their era, the current show sees more of Shah Rukh Khan, Karan Johar films and item numbers. "There is an evolution not only in the theme but also in the artworks," says Kapoor.
Elaborating on the artworks, she adds, "Artist Prarthana Modi is showcasing a photographic art installation that depicts the poplar culture of how people ape the hairstyles of film stars."
Another interesting aspect to the show is the presence of two foreign artists American artist Alex Cao and Italian artist Jan Michelini. Cao, known for making portraits of personalities such as Madonna and Barack Obama, has made portraits of the Bachchan family. Artist Michelini has made a documentary on Bollywood that will be screened during the show.