Arjun recalls Delhi days!


Mumbai, April 15 -- Arjun Kapoor's next film, Aurangzeb, has generated a lot of curiosity. Now, we've learned that a part of the actor's childhood has helped him immensely in understanding his character - his frequent trips to Delhi.
Although he's born and brought up in Mumbai, the actor has spent several vacations in the capital. A source close to him reveals, "Come summer holidays and Arjun would go to meet his friends in Delhi. Spending time there - especially in Gurgaon - helped him understand the body language and behaviour of the suburban youngsters there. Little did he know that those vacations would eventually help him understand one of his on-screen characters."
In the movie, Arjun plays the son of a rich real-estate baron. Set in Gurgaon, the film is rooted in the culture of the town. The source says, "It's important for any actor to be in tune with his environment. So, even before the film began, Arjun did some research. His childhood memories of the place also immensely helped him."
Aurangzeb is the actor's first double role and only his second film. The trailer, in fact, has got an extremely good response. The source says, "Arjun has done his part really well and everyone has been raving about it."