Arjun against Arjun!


New Delhi, May 13 -- The makers of upcoming film Aurangzeb, which stars Arjun Kapoor, have tied up with the T20 tournament to promote the film. This weekend, Arjun will be seen at the ongoing tournament.
"As part of an innovative marketing strategy, Arjun, who is playing a double role in the film, will be doing the same during the promotions." reveals a source.
"Arjun will be seen supporting both the teams and rustling up a little fight among the two teams," the source added.
It is believed that Arjun will be captured standing in both the supporting booths, and via visual effects, his images will be merged on air and the audience will get to see him in a double role at the tournament.
"The TV channel that will be broadcasting the matches has done a tech check and gone through the details of the execution," the source says. A spokesperson of the film confirmed the news.