Anushka tore dress in bid to watch Madhuri dance


Anushka Sharma is a huge Madhuri Dixit fan. So much , that the actor ended up tearing her outfit as she dashed across the stage at a recent award function to catch Madhuri perform.
“After receiving her award, Anushka had gone backstage for media bytes, when she heard Madhuri’s music playing. She asked the organisers if Madhuri’s performance was next and when they confirmed it, she ran across the area to be among the audience to watch her performance,” says a source, adding: “Anushka did not want to miss Madhuri’s act for anything, since this was her first opportunity to watch the ‘Dhak Dhak’ girl live, so much so that in her haste, she tore her beautiful Roberto Cavalli dress.”
Hope the designer, who has reached out to her in the past and complimented Anushka on how lovely she has looked in his clothes, won’t mind!