Anurag Kashyap in awe of Honey Singh, wants to make film on him!


By Hindustan Times
Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap would have many fans going crazy over his work, but Punjabi rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh has driven him crazy. Honey Singh has rapped for a song called Keekli Kaler Di for Kashyap’s upcoming film Love Shuv Te Chicken Khurana.
“I discovered Yo Yo in Delhi. I didn’t know him before. I met him by chance and I was told that this guy is the biggest star around. And then I saw videos of his live performances and I was shocked to see the the hysteria that he creates. I’m like what is this. Then I met him at Gangs of Wasseypur’s premiere in Delhi and saw the madness live over there. Girls were crying and howling to get a glimpse of him. I have never seen this before in India,” says Kashyap.
This was not the first time that Kashyap met Singh, as the latter, who is a big fan of the filmmaker, told him about an accidental meeting on the roads of Delhi. “Yo Yo told me a story about how he is a bigger fan of mine and told me that how I had met him on Delhi roads asking him to help me find my way to India Habitat Centre. He helped me with the way and also asked for a picture with me. He even showed me that picture, which was taken five years back,” says Kashyap. Ever since then, like an avid fan, Singh is following Kashyap’s films. “I was overwhelmed to hear this, as I can’t even match up to the hysteria that he generates,” he adds.
Kashyap likes Singh’s ‘original Indian gangster look’. “I love the streak in him. His whole anti-establishment streak is quite phenomenal. I got to know he does everything in his songs himself. The song that he has made for my film is really good. Though I have not heard much of him, but I’m still in awe of him. I would like to make a film on him,” says Kashyap.