Anil to go lean for Shootout At Wadala


By Hindustan Times
Actor Anil Kapoor, who will play supercop Isaque Bagwan in filmmaker Sanjay Gupta’s Shootout At Wadala, is determined to extend the number of hours in the gym after meeting the encounter specialist earlier this week.
Anil Kapoor, 51, met Bagwan in Mumbai Tuesday morning, and ever since then, he wants to work towards a leaner look. “The meeting happened at Anil’s residence at around noon. Anil kept surveying Isaque from close quarters. He kept asking questions, staring and just observing and absorbing, just like Shabana Azmi did when she played real life characters. At the end of the meeting Anil turned to his director Sanjay Gupta and said he needed to work on his body and physical energy,” said a source.
Kapoor will now spend an average of three-and-a-half hours in the gym each day. He not only wants to build on his physique and stamina to portray Bhagwan, he also wants to heighten his rage level. Gupta is amazed at Kapoor’s dedication. “That man is absolutely amazing. I’ve never seen a more passionate and clued-in actor. And it shows in his attitude and on his face,” he said.
“After meeting Isaque, Anil has decided to workout even more. He says he has to compete with John Abraham in physique and agility when they stand together in the same frame. He will get into better shape, if that’s possible,” added Gupta.