Angelina's leg still going strong on Twitter!


By Hindustan Times
Angelina Jolie's right leg has not only carved out its own identity on Twitter, its followers are increasing with each passing hour. The profile that attracted 4000 followers in 3 hours of its creation has now reached 27,190 mark. Thanks to this, the leg is trending heavily on Twitter since yesterday's Oscars ceremony.
People might be going berserk following the Hollywood diva's 'right leg', the profile has just one follower - @JLosNipple. Yes, you read it right! 'JLo's nipple' however has found only 4, 174 followers so far.
Angelina Jolie's right leg not only did the talking but created quite a flutter
So this is what Angelina's right leg was tweeting:
@AngiesRightLeg: Left leg and I talked -- everything's cool. Next Oscars, she gets the slit.
@AngiesRightLeg: Great meeting most of you for the first time last night at the Oscars!!
@AngiesRightLeg: Look at me!
@AngiesRightLeg: I'm right here!!
@AngiesRightLeg: I'm over here!!!!
@AngiesRightLeg: Don't forget about me!!
@AngiesRightLeg: Hey, check me out!
@AngiesRightLeg: Look at meeee!!
@AngiesRightLeg: Leg here!
@AngiesRightLeg: Behold: it's me!!
@AngiesRightLeg: Check out this leg over here!
@AngiesRightLeg: Still here. Great view, but thank god for the slit in this dress.
@AngiesRightLeg: I'm a leg, get a load of me!!
Admirers' talk
@ladydior1: umm, I think we all got pretty well acquainted w/ u and ur, err, "neighbours" during "Gia" #nosurprises #seenitallbefore
@vVfishVv: oh dear... you must have already forgot about this classic.… we are long lost friends we are ;)
@kmiry: u ar dude lady :-) is amazing :-)
@BigBadEd: You should have won best supporting.
@Lorna_N78: Angelina Jolie's leg is very famous this morning!
@lindsaypereira: Tried imitating Angelina Jolie's pose in the local train this morning. Was asked to get off at Dadar.
Haters' talk
@fashionsnobish: I wonder when the ranting about Angelina Jolie's leg is going to stop #Oscars
@marc0leptic: Angelina Jolie's leg is just too funny