Amrita's royal tea party!


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Feb. 8 -- Excuse moi while I check this sandesha on my kaaliberry. It's my khabru from Kutch, insisting I hear this tiddy-bitty on Amrita Rao. She had gone there to show her support for the Sarvoyada Bidada Village Camp recently. Seems the Maharaja of Kutch was so pleased to hear about her compassionate interactions with the patients that he invited her over.
So Amri went over to the majestic Vijay Vilas Palace for tea with the King and his family. Later on, the Maharaja also showed her around the palace and briefed her about the family history. Predictably, the petite Ms Rao was no less thrilled by her visit that she promised to meet them again soon.
Why am I not so surprised? It's not like she's too busy with a packed date diary to fit in another visit to Kutch or anywhere for that matter. Hai na?