Alia mobbed by fans!


By Hindustan Times
MUMBAI, Oct. 29 -- Alia Bhatt might be riding on the wave of the success of her debut film Student Of The Year, but the actor recently had a brush with the perils of stardom.
A few days ago, Alia was in a rush to go for a dinner and in the absence of a car at her disposal, she decided to take an auto to the destination. When the auto halted at a signal in Bandra, a group of young fans on the road spotted her and started approaching the vehicle. When the signal turned green, the overexcited bunch even followed the auto and started banging on it. As the rowdy fans tried to get close to her, she, apparently, even sustained a few scratches on her hands.
When asked about the incident, Alia says, "Yes, the incident did happen but no one got violent or scared me. People surrounded it and so it was difficult for the auto driver to move ahead. They (the fans) wanted to take my picture and shake my hand. It was a different experience for me, but not necessarily a bad one. I didn't have a car and I had to reach some place soon, so I took a rickshaw. I am don't mind taking rickshaws when needed."
However, the actor maintains that she is not bogged down by the bitter experience. "It was bit weird but I never felt scared. I told people let me go as I am getting late for dinner, they let me. I didn't expect people to stop the rickshaw."