Akki to recreate Punjab at Toronto Film Festival


By Hindustan Times
Akshay Kumar is taking his Punjabi connection a step forward. His production venture, Speedy Singhs will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival starting September 8. And to make the event memorable, the Khiladi Kumar is going all the way.
Apparently, Akshay, along with his team of Speedy Singhs, will recreate an Indian mela or caravan at the opening of the Indian section of the festival. The theme of this particular event will be extremely colourful and will be embellished with Punjabi-styled jubilance as the film has a strong connection to the state and revolves around the lives of Sikhs.
A Punjabi dhol band will be an essential component of the group, who will dance to traditional and dynamic Punjabi numbers for the audiences. A special troupe has already been taken from India for the event. Besides, there will also be the vibrant fanfare of horses, elephants and dance troupes displaying their talent at the premiere.
The film’s official spokesperson confirms that Akshay is extremely excited about his first Indo-Canadian venture. “The event is going to be a colourful show of Punjabi culture. And the fact that several ministers of the Canadian government including the Prime Minister are invited, only makes it bigger and better,” she says.
Based in Toronto, Speedy Singhs is a story about young Rajveer, an aspiring hockey player who is struggling with his Indo-Canadian traditions. Interestingly, the film has a cross-cultural cast from Canada, America and South Asia. For the uninitiated, the film title was Akshay’s creativity at work. The actor has also roped in American rapper Ludracris and hip-hop Punjabi sensation RDB to compose the track Shera Di Kaum… for the film. Although Akshay doesn’t star in the film, he makes a special appearance in the song.