Ajay Devgn sundays are dear!


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Aug. 19 -- Hello my sugar cubes, how goes it this morning with you? This barsati tak dhina dhin has put my excusion plans on hold. I had planned to go out on a drive this morning towards Pune for a little break from the mundane life, but I don't think I have the energy to even step outside my house. Anyway, I'm a delicate darling, but my gossipmongers are not. They have enough Bollywood dope to keep you going for today.
Sher Lock Holmes says that Ajay Devgn has made it mandatory for all his producers to give him an off on Sundays. He personally doesn't like working on that day because well, it's a Sunday! If he works, he doesn't get to spend time with his wife Kajol, school-going child Nysa and still-a-toddler Mr Yug. So, he ensures that regardless of whatever happens, he takes time off on Sundays.
However, I have been told by this jasoos of mine that he worked on Sundays while shooting for Tezz because the producers had created a huge set in some part of the city. If he didn't shoot on Sundays, they would run into huge losses, monetary and otherwise, because the set was also likely to get spoilt due to the monsoon.
So, Ajay, a film producer himself, decided to give a couple of his Sundays to the movie to complete the sequence quickly in order to get back to his chchutti time. Biwi bacchon ke liye karna padta hai bhai.