Aiyyaa shot majorly in J J School of Arts campus


By Hindustan Times
People will be surprised to know that more than half of the shooting of Rani Mukerji's next film Aiyyaa was done in the premises of the prestigious J.J School of Arts in Mumbai.
As Prithviraj is playing the character of a student studying the subject of painting at J.J School of Arts, the makers insisted that to get the real feel of character, the shooting of the film should take place at J.J School of Arts. However the State Government had stopped giving permission for films and ad shoots inside the J.J School of Arts after few 125 year old sculptures were severely damaged during a film shoot there.
However as luck would have it, the team of Aiyyaa managed to procure the special permission to shoot quite a few important scenes of the film in the college premises.
Aiyyaa is set to hit theaters on 12th October 2012.