Adnan Sami turns actor


By Hindustan Times
Those who’ve known Adnan Sami as the 230-kg singer of the 90s wouldn’t recognise him in this exclusive shoot he did with us, just as passersby at India Gate couldn’t recognize him either.
After the release of his comeback album Press Play, the 43-year-old who is fit as a fiddle at 75kgs now, is all set to explore a new territory — acting. “I’m doing a lead role in a film. I’m playing a completely incompetent crook. This movie is a lot of fun as it’s a comedy,” says the Canadian citizen of Pakistani-Indian origin, without revealing the name of the movie.
Sami adds, “I didn’t want to play a musician as it would have been such a cliché thing to do. I’m a musician as it is, so where’s the acting in that? I wanted to do something completely out of my comfort zone and that’s why I chose this.” No points for guessing that the singer-turned-actor will be doing the music of the film as well. “I said I’m happy just being an actor, but they (the makers) wanted me to do it,” he explains.
As for his drastic weight loss, he says, “I shed 155 kgs, which was a huge challenge for me. A lot of people said that I have undergone surgery or liposuction. But you know those procedures can’t help a person who weighs that much. Doctors ne apne haath khade kar diye the and then I had to work hard to get fit.”