Abhay to move to Goa!


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Sept. 1 -- Abhay Deol isn't a happy man. And his discontentment comes from a very unusual reason -the living conditions in Mumbai. In fact, the actor is building a house in Goa, and is likely to move to the beach state once it's ready.
"Yes, I am building a house in Goa. And most probably, I am going to move there," confirms Abhay. "But I will have my feet in both Mumbai and Goa. The truth is that Goa is great because there will at least be some fresh air. Plus, there won't be any noise pollution. Mumbai is an attack on your senses. Goa will surely soothe them a bit. And anyone who is living in the city can vouch for that."
Although Abhay feels that the infrastructure here is crumbling, he insists that he doesn't hate the city, as suggested by a few media reports. "I don't hate the city. In fact, I love the people of Mumbai because they are resilient to everything. But I have also seen that people's apathy is at an all-time high, which is really sad," says the actor, Talking about issues plaguing Mumbai, such as poverty, potholes and garbage, Abhay says he feels helpless. "Anyone who lives in Mumbai works very hard to sustain themselves. No one can survive here without slogging hard," he says.
Abhay is also unhappy about people's constant complains. "You have people who are always complaining that the authorities aren't doing anything and that they are corrupt etc. But what are we doing about it? We should stop blaming the BMC and political parties. Instead, we should take the matters into our own hands. People must realize what and how they can contribute to solving the problem," he wraps up.