Abhay Deol pulls 24-hour shift!


By Hindustan Times
Prakash Jha is known for being a stern director and his recent diktat to Abhay Deol just goes to cement his reputation. Jha had been shooting for Chakravyuha in Bhopal and Abhay was to report for his first day on the sets, where he had to shoot for a crucial scene.
But the actor missed the late night flight to Bhopal. And since the shoot couldn’t be postponed, Jha insisted that he catch the 5 am flight, which meant Abhay had to stay up all night. Eager to co-operate, Abhay made sure he was on the flight, and reported to the sets early. Once there, he shot for an action scene, without asking for a break. The shoot continued till 6 pm.
Impressed with his actor’s professional behaviour, Jha says, “We had an early morning shoot where we were filming an action sequence. In it, Abhay kidnaps a business tycoon’s son. Though he stayed up all night, I told him he couldn’t go to the hotel as he had to report straight to the sets. He plunged into the big action scene and we were so caught up in the day’s job that we didn’t even ask him if he wanted to rest. We had to finish the scene that day.”
The film will be Abhay’s first time doing hardcore action, the kind his cousin Sunny Deol and uncle Dharmendra were known for.
Ask Jha why he chose Abhay for the role even though he had never ventured into the action space before, and he says, “He is a good actor and suited the part. When we met, he was excited about his role in the film and our association.”
In an earlier interview, Abhay had said, “The film is an action drama and I can’t wait to start shooting. It will be fun to do some cool stunts. Action is a genre I haven’t touched yet and Chakravyuha will be a start for me.