Aaradhya Bachchan's face finally caught on camera


By Hindustan Times
After dodging the paparazzi for about 10 months, Beti B was finally clicked by the lensmen at Mumbai airport on her way to Chicago. Aaradhya was accompanied by mom Ash.
Looking cute in baby pink, the little one does not seem to be too fond of media attention as she did not smile for the shutterbugs.
Ash was on her way to give company to hubby Abhishek Bachchan while Dhoom 3 shoot.
Earlier only Beti B's eyes were captured by E24's (channel) photographer. This time, the juniormost Bachchan preferred to keep her eyes shut.
Right now Aaradhya is revelling in all the attention she's getting from her family. Granddad Amitabh recently admitted that she pulls his beard. "She hasn’t started speaking yet but she pulls my beard. She knows that this man with beard is special. We adjust our timings according to her. I make sure I get enough time to play with her," the actor told Hindustan Times.
Meanwhile dad Abhishek Bachchan is wondering about the changing face of his adorable daughter. "Well, this is weird - I go on a promotional tour, I come back and her face has changed. And I am being told that for the first year or two, her face is going to keep changing," the actor had told Bollywoodlife.com.
Abhishek wants Aaradhya to look like Aishwarya. "I don't know how good or bad a thing that is, because I am sure we all want her to look like her mom. I mean looking like this (he points to his face, and laughs) would be a bit scary for a girl," he told the tabloid.
Grandmom Jaya Bachchan recently revealed some interesting nuggets about Beti B: "Aaradhya looks like a bit of Aishwarya and a bit of Abhishek," she had told BBC.
Jaya also praised Ash's mommy skills: "Aishwarya is a hands on mom. She is sometimes overcautious. Aaradhya is not intimidated to faces. She is beautiful. I call her Strawberry because when she was born she reminded me of a strawberry. She is always smiling. Touchwood. Now she's trying to crawl and it's special to us."
"Sometimes I tease Aishwarya and I say well Aaradhya is a very lucky girl because can you imagine having a nurse like Miss World Aishwarya! I would also like her(Ash) to start going out but she is absolutely, totally hands down and doesn't depend on anybody which I think is great." she added.
Aishwarya Rai also spoke at length about her daughter at Cannes Film Festival: "It's splendid, it's inescapable...the bliss is just wonderful. A smile from my daughter and thats it", Aishwarya had told CNN-IBN.